Ahlstrom ECO™

Ahlstrom ECO™

Ahlstrom ECO™: a new choice for filter manufacturers
Filter media utilizes a lignin-based impregnation, which limit the usage of fossil-based resin
Ahlstrom ECO™ has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of filter media
Ahlstrom ECO™
Ahlstrom ECO™: A new generation of lignin-based materials for transportation filtration

Transportation filtration world is facing certain sustainability challenges and Ahlstrom is currently working to address them by:

  • Ambitious emissions reduction program at all our plants (CO2, water, waste etc)
  • Improvement of end customers footprint (enhanced performances, support transition to electrification)
  • Adoption of more sustainable resources* (PFAS ban, formaldehyde reduction, fibers and binders)


Ahlstrom ECO™ is a technology supporting the increasing sustainability demands towards the global transportation market and offering a new choice for filter manufacturers.        

Developed by Ahlstrom, a new renewable and sustainable filter media utilizes a lignin-based impregnation, limiting fossil-based resin.  The resin solution contains a significant amount of bio-based, renewable lignin, whilst the mechanical properties and the durability of the filter media, even in challenging environments, are maintained. 

Ahlstrom ECO™ can be applied to a wide range of air and liquid filtration media, especially for transportation applications.  Read more about Ahlstrom's filter media for liquid and air applications

According to our initial estimates1, the new lignin-based impregnated filter media displays a lower carbon footprint than a standard fossil-based resin media.  Additionally, the lignin-based impregnation recipe brings a significant reduction, between 50-70%, of formaldehyde emissions during the curing process.    


Ahlstrom ECO™ sell sheet


Ahlstrom ECO™ has been selected as the winner of Product of the Year-award by American Filtration Society (AFS).   Click here to read more on the award. 



Lignin is one of the main component of wood and the second most important bio-polymer on Earth after cellulose.

Lignin is a renewable side-product of wood pulp production which has been valorized at an industrial scale only recently.


*Engine air/oil/fuel filter media are typically made by wet-laid process combining cellulose and often polyester fibers, with a phenolic solvent-base saturation. 

1product carbon footprint estimate, cradle-to-gate using secondary data from Ecoinvent v3.6