With DediCOATED, we're going further than ever to support you

With DediCOATED, we're going further than ever to support you

Your partner Ahlstrom has invented an innovative online trade fair packed with useful content and enriching meetings. Here's what you can expect...


More added value

  • Covering a broad range of subjects, the numerous talks you can attend will provide plenty of food for thought, material to inspire you and your technical experts. Our team will be involved in seven of the talks, including three that we will be co-presenting with guests representing major market players. We'll be covering some key themes for the abrasives industry:
  • How to achieve ever finer sandpapers?
  • Production efficiency: how can raw materials help to make gains?
  • Raw material and process versatility: what is possible?
  • In line with its commitment to the FEPA's SEAM initiative, in several of the talks Ahlstrom will of course be raising the issue of sustainability, a decisive challenge for the future of our sector.
  • To make sure you can access a maximum of content, all our documentation will be downloadable from our virtual booth.


More inspiration

Keeping an open mind and eye out for opportunities to push boundaries is part of our make-up. That's why we've invited two unexpected guests, who will both be leading sessions you won't want to miss:

  • Marco Cassation from IMEAS, a manufacturer of sanding machines, will be sharing his vision of the market, what he sees as the strong trends and major challenges of today and tomorrow. Expect an inspiring talk that will open up new perspectives!
  • Creativity expert and professional magician Butzi will be sharing his original approach to teasing out innovative ideas in the abrasives world and on how to boost your success by working hand-in-hand with your partners and suppliers. Prepare to be surprised by this multi-faceted speaker!


More contacts

  • Whatever time zone you are in, there will be experts from our team present on our virtual booth to answer your questions. You can make an appointment to speak to them on the air's platform.
  • To add pace to the event and recap the high points and check out what's still to come, we've organized 3 coffee talks, which will be co-led by Butzi, our master of ceremonies, and Estelle Seibert, the Abrasives division marketing manager, who is in charge of organizing the fair.
  • For more information about DediCOATED, don't hesitate to get in touch with Estelle Seibert and/or download the guide to the fair: in it you'll find all the info you need to get 100% of the benefit of the event!